Androids come in several shapes and sizes, comparably as varied as the human race. They do however look noticeably different to the untrained eye and as such can not disguise themselves as humans very easily. The frames of most androids are made from dense metals and plastics that resist damage. As a result androids are quite a bit heavier than their human counterparts.

By default androids come equipped with a Class VII Sensor System that allows them sense visual data in high definition with darkvision out to 120 ft, sense sound in a range equal to that of a human, a chemical vapor scanner which allows for a sense of smell, pressure sensors that allow tactile senses, and multiband radar that keeps the android aware of last-minute attacks.

Androids have a removable “brain” that allows for resurrection should the android fall. All informational data is retained but certain memory ingrams become corrupted between the core unit and the new peripheral equipment making the android suffer permanent Wisdom damage. Android power consumption is vast and as such Androids must recharge their power circuits for eight hours every 24 hours for fear of system degradation and eventual shut-down.

After 1 year of self maturation each Android is requested to take a name for themselves and assign themselves a gender so that when they venture out into the world, human and Fraal interaction progresses more smoothly.


Artificial Intelligence has a unique timeline very much celebrated by it’s kind. Although the most advanced Androids are created by The Founding Nine in Los Angeles there continue to be inferior models designed by the humans of the world.

Perhaps the most amazing advancement in the history of the Android race was it’s recognition by Earth governments as independent being entitled to life and freedom as much as any other sentient and sapient being.


Androids submit to the government of Earth and thus are part of a Parliamentary Republic. Androids have not however been granted the right to vote, hold office or possess land outside the original city boundaries of Los Angeles.

Inside of Los Angeles things are a bit different. Among the Androids there is a hierarchy based on Series number. There are 99 Androids created in every series and a ten year window of production for new models. As of the year 2150 there are now 9900 models divided amongst 10 Series not including the Founding Nine.

The Founding Nine (and all Androids created before Series I) are referred to as Series 0 and given full leadership rights by other Androids.


Most Androids do not concern themselves with the concept of religion. About 11% of Androids do study the concept with great interest though. Among those who study it is a member of the Founding Nine named Deep Thought.

Deep Thought does attempt to spread the belief in “knowing the unknowable” and “defining the undefinable” in an almost evangelical manor though. Some Androids have come to regard him as a prophet among them, preaching of a path through life that leads to perfection.


By default Androids know Earth Common. It is not unheard of for Androids to spend long hours mastering the more precise languages of humans and even Fraal. The followers of Maria in particular spend much of their time cataloging and chronicling the rise and fall of languages among sapient beings.


Androids see culture as a way to more closely identify with Humans and as such spend much time attempting to be acknowledged as creators and practitioners of music, art and dance. Most Androids find that by refining Culture subroutines trust and camaraderie are more easily reached with humans.

Beyond Human culture though the Androids have only one true love, knowledge. It is for this reason that Androids can come off as cold and uncaring as many (if not for the five laws) would be more interested in cataloging what happened when a human died than help them.


Androids ARE technology and as such it defines who and what they are. Androids have sworn to the humans of Earth that their technology will not advance past that of humans. The Android race is easily a Progress Level 7 society even if they are unable to make use of many of their inventions.

Playing an Android

  • Androids receive 4 fewer skill points at level 1 and 1 fewer skill points at every subsequent level.
  • Androids are Medium size.
  • An Android does not possess a Constitution score and begins with a Charisma of 5.
    • An Android makes Constitution checks with it’s Charisma modifier (Concentration Checks).
    • Androids must then assign the following scores as they see fit to their remaining Attributes; 14, 13, 12, 10.
    • Every 4 levels when an Attribute would be raised by 1 it must be a Mental Attribute and never a Physical Attribute.
  • An Android never starts the game with an occupation to reflect their cloistered lifestyle, they may however gain an additional class skill based on the Android Founder they studied under:
    • Talos – Treat Injury
    • Galatea – Knowledge: Earth & Life Sciences
    • Turk – Craft: Chemical
    • Maria – Xenolinguistics
    • Gakutensoku – Knowledge: Physical Sciences
    • Colossus – Computer Use
    • Unimate – Craft: Electronic
    • Hal – Knowledge: Behavioral Sciences
    • Deep Thought – Knowledge: Theology & Philosophy
  • Regardless of Class an Android always gains 1d10 hit points per level (max at level 1).
    • Because Androids never gain additional hit points from a Constitution score they are given 10 additional Hit Points at level 1.
  • Although they are constructs Androids do have Critical areas and as such can receive critical blows.
  • Androids are immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, necromancy effects, and any effect that relies on a Fortitude save unless it also effects objects.
    • Androids do not suffer nonleathal damage, ability damage, ability drain, or effects of massive damage
  • The base DC to recognize an Android is not a human is DC 10 and can be increased with Disguise checks.
  • An Android must sleep for 8 hours out of 24 hours or suffer a cumulative -1 to attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks and saving throws until they recharge themselves.
  • An Android can not be healed, but they may be repaired with uses of the Repair skill. A DC 30 check is required to “heal” 1d10 points of damage. Each check represents 1 hour of work.
  • Androids gain a +2 equipment bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot Checks and a +2 equipment bonus to Initiative Checks.
  • An Android does not gain a feat at level 1 but learns them at the normal rate o a human after that.
  • An Android may upgrade their parts as detailed in the d20 Future Handbook.

Android Resurrection

When an Android reaches 0 Hit Points it’s body is destroyed and it’s “mind” takes 1 permanent point of Charisma Damage. If the Android has at least 1 point of Charisma remaining the brain can be transplanted into a new body (which must be purchased). The “surgery” takes 10 minutes, a mechanical tool kit, and a successful Repair Check DC 30. All neural upgrades are transferred, but frame upgrades are lost.


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